Monday, June 1, 2020

Mold, Moisture, and your Home

Mold, Moisture, and your Home

With the unending pandemic, everyday we are learning that small businesses are struggling to keep their ‘lights on’.  With the state of New Jersey slowly opening in phases, customers are more receptive to allowing essential workers in their homes to help with emergency services. 

When you consider the statistics, it becomes clear just how common and devastating a problem water damage can be. According to industry estimates, 14,000 people in the US experience a water damage emergency at home or work each day.  With the social distancing/working from home approach, we must consider that ½ of these losses were caught much faster, leaving little to no damage.  However, the other ½ tried mitigating the affected areas on their own.   Depending on the insureds’ policy there could be a very big problem if the damages were not addressed properly. 

How does one move forward? 

The microorganisms that turn into mold colonies are always in the air around us, so mold growth will start quickly—within 24 to 48 hours of water exposure. Mold will continue to grow if the moisture level is high. In buildings, mold is most fond of organic porous surfaces. 

So, here is the issue.  Will insurance carriers pay for mold remediation caused by not mitigating properly?  The answer is - it is too soon to tell.  However, think about the health risks you are exposing everyone to. 

Having a professional come and remediate is always preferable, but under the circumstances it was understandable that people were frightened.  But fear not of Savage Restoration!

Savage Restoration is working hard following CDC protocols mitigating customers homes.  Do not let the mold damage get worse.  Call us today! 

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