Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Fall Cleaning Matters


Fall is officially here!  The most colorful season of the year. Also, my personal favorite!  However, it can be one of the most daunting times of year for bi-annual heavy clean-up. Not only are you dealing with remnants from summer sand beach days, but you now must deal with falling leaves.   

An important part of being a responsible adult is recognizing that when the leaves either start to fall off trees, it is time to do fall cleaning all around.  Contrary to popular belief, fall cleaning is as important as spring cleaning. 

If you are in the know with social vernacular the term #cantadjulttoday is the common theme from 2020.  Well it is time to start adulting! Even as a respectable adult you are probably forgetting a few key places that have created colonies out of your neglect. You know how birds and bees will turn practically anything into nests and hives if they are certain to not be disturbed? Mold plays by those rules too, so you should probably start cleaning with a little more discipline.

Let us start with some basics….

Embarrassing facts about refrigerators.  Not only is my refrigerator a place that I store my weekly groceries, but It doubles as a shelf in times of need for non-discarded mail.  There is zero logic behind it other than you cannot throw away the no expiring 100th Bed Bath and Beyond coupon. I dare you to try not to cough when cleaning that dust pile up.

Now let us talk about air movement in the home.  Whether it is a ceiling fan, window a/c or a stationary fan eventually that dust will take a jolt of unfortunate physics and spread like a cloud of fresh snow across all your belongings.  Think about breathing that magic in!  Take the time to thoroughly clean all cooling devices in your home. 

So, say that it is too late, and the cloud has consumed your entire home.  Its not just surface cleaning that will suffice.  Get those moving buddies out because the next step is cleaning hard to reach spaces. Look behind your bed-frame, I can guarantee that you will find a layer of dust. Keep in mind having dust mites does not mean you are a dirty person.  Out of sight, out of mind!

These are just a few things to keep in mind.  Do not get overwhelmed, do a little at a time. 

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