Wednesday, August 11, 2021


Can the sun explode?

The most common question that makes parents cringe from their adolescent child is “Where do babies come from?” Oh, if my parents were that lucky!  I remember quite vividly asking, “What would happen if the sun exploded?” As a parent, how would you react to this without completely panicking a 7-year-old?  If the sun suddenly exploded like this, the whole solar system would be destroyed (Supernova)? Nope, the answer was it wont don’t worry about it…. Okay, end scene! 

Why did this memory come about this morning you ask?  Have you been outside – Did the sun explode?  It sure feels like it!  I have put together a list of ways to stay cool in this very much uncomfortable weather…

1.       Get the blinds/curtains closed.  Did you know that windows are responsible for 30% of unwanted heat?

2.       Get those fans going. Since cool air remains at floor level, aim the fan upward and point it toward an opposite wall. The cool air from the fan will bounce off the walls and into the room, delivering a refreshing, steady breeze.

3.       This is not the time to be a top chef contestant.  Don’t use the oven! 

4.       Wear loose fitting breathable fabric. Natural fibers, like cotton, absorb sweat and other forms of moisture and keep the body dry. It doesn’t have to be a fashion show!

5.       Heat rises! Cool air tends to linger in lower areas, making basement space a more practical choice during hot days and nights.

6.       Nix the diet!  It’s an ice cream kind of day.  For those of you who can’t tolerate it, Italian ice (Yum).

7.       This one stings a little for me. Avoid dehydrating drinks!  (Coffee, tea, alcohol, etc.)

8.       Stay inside!  Let the kids binge Netflix, play videos games or start the required summer reading list.  Schools only a few weeks away! 

Just remember to stay safe!   Savage Restoration is always willing to help you help your insured’s get their properties back to a pre-loss condition. Whether it be WATER, FIRE, MOLD or BIOHAZARD property damage we are “There When You Need Us”.

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